Tips from the builder


Here are 4 easy and inexpensive ways to Increase the energy efficiency of your current home for Winter 2013/2014:

  1. Air Seal Your Home by Adding Insulation.
  2. Seal Your Ducts By Using Sealant such as DOW, 3.0 window, door, and trim High-Performance Sealant. Today’s homeowners lose 20% of heating costs on poorly sealed and connected ducts.
  3. Inspect your roof, check for loose shingles that could lead to water damage, leaks, & rotting wood. Use the extra sealant to seal any gaps around gables and chimneys.
  4. Seal rim joists in your Basement and Attic access doors. Use a foam sealant such as, DAPtex Plus Multi-Purpose Foam Sealant to fill in any gaps or voids that may allow your heat to escape to.

Are you updating your current home to sell?

Natale Builders shares a few simple ways to make your current home more Eco-friendly and appealing to current homebuyers:

  1. Painting: Choose Eco-friendly paints that are less toxic and better for your environment by purchasing Low or No VOC paints. Many traditional paints contain “Volatile Organic Compounds” that can cause negative health affects such as dizziness and eye irritation. NO VOC paint are naturally made with materials derived from citrus and balsams making them healthy for you and the environment.
  2. Replacing Lighting: When choosing new light fixtures to spruce up your home, check to see if your light bulbs are CFL Energy Star Qualified or LED Green Certified. According to NYSERDA, using these types of light bulbs can save you hundreds per year on electric costs and are proven to last at least 6,000 hours. Save the Environment and Money!
  3. Replacing Appliances: NYS has recently initiated a “Buy Green Save Green” program that provides purchasers cash rebates of up to $350.00 on high-efficiency refrigerators and up to $250.00 on a high-efficiency clothes washer. For More Info: Visit