The Homeowner's Winter Maintenance Checklist


Winter maintenance can save you and your home in a major way. Frozen water pipes can burst and cause major damage if they aren't prepped properly.

How effective is the weather stripping around your doors in keeping the heat in?

If your pipes burst from freezing you won't have water for days, and potentially a flooded basement. If the weather stripping around your doors isn't keeping your heat in then your energy bill will skyrocket.

Maintenance in the winter is an essential part of making sure your home both runs smoothly and stays warm all winter long.

We've done the research for you and have compiled a list (and checked it twice) for winter upkeep and tasks.

Plumbing Prep

Roll up your garden hose and store it in your basement. Analyze your pipes and take care of any that seem prone to freezing. Winter maintenance requires that none of your pipes will burst during the freezing months.

If you need to wrap certain pipes in warm wire wraps, do so. From heat tape to space heaters, there are many options you can utilize to keep your pipes warm.

If you're leaving for long periods, make sure you turn the water source off to minimize leaking if a pipe does burst.

Ready the Windows

Windows can be a tad unfriendly in the winter. It's important to make sure all of the holes are properly caulked up to ensure that no outside cold air gets in.

Furthermore, it may be time to consider heavier window treatments for the ultimate winter maintenance. Heavy drapes on your windows will keep your home insulated and increase energy efficiency.

Stock Your Fireplace

If you use wood to help keep you cozy and warm all winter, make sure and have a large supply ready. Use the warmer fall days to chop your own wood or have it delivered.

From wood-burning stoves to old school fireplaces, a healthy stack of wood will make for an easy fire building experience on a daily basis.

Furthermore, consider having your chimney cleaned.

Purchase the Winter Maintenance Essentials

Snow removal gear, salt, and other winter maintenance aids will be your best friends during the cold months. Make sure you have your machines oiled and a healthy supply of functioning shovels to confront any potential snow storm.

Purchase shovels in advance for the best deals. Buy a few bags of salt to make your time clearing your driveway a little easier.

Have extra gas and oil in your basement for your snow blower or ATV.

Evergreen Winter

This winter, go green and keep your house running with energy-efficiency. Making sure your home is insulated properly is the first step. Help keep the planet clean by conserving energy and making your home a smart one.

A major tool in keeping your house warm this winter is proper insulation.

Some older homes aren't as efficient because the R-value of the dated insulation isn't as effective. For a revamp of your insulation or to create an air-sealed home for this coming winter, contact us today!