The Cutting Edge of Custom Landscaping for 2017


Are you looking for something more than just "curb appeal"?

It is springtime, which means it is time to put some spring in your landscaping. Custom landscaping is all the rage this year and includes some amazing trends you should definitely try out.

Love Your Landscape puts it this way: "The first step to enhancing your outdoor living space is to use your imagination. Dream and dream big. It may sound corny, but pretend your backyard is a canvas and your imagination is the brush."

It's time to get creative. Here are some cutting edge trends for custom landscaping for 2017.

The Ultimate BBQ

First on our list is a BBQ area that takes your landscape from blah to overwhelmingly sophisticated. The BBQ area now is a place for relaxing, eating high-quality meals and relishing in time with your family.

You will not need your typical camp grill here. Instead, you will need special LED lighting, a complete outdoor kitchen with a sink built-in and plenty of comfy outdoor lounge chairs to relax in.

Even if you can't trade your entire home in for a new grill, there are simple ways to try this one out. Try building a simple outdoor island, perfect for family BBQs and cookouts. Add some chairs, some pendant lighting and you are set.

Green is Best

This year, there is an extreme focus on the color green. If you find growing flowers to be difficult and pruning roses to be a pain, don't worry. This year, try using greenery in different styles, shapes, and textures to bring some elegance into your landscape.

Greenery grows back, is hardy in most temperatures and does not require a lot of care. Greenery can include ferns, wild grasses, boxwood and more. Be creative and see what works for your landscape and lawn.

After all, being green is smart, healthy, cost effective and just plain pretty.

Bring the Bees

Natural wildlife is a great way to add nature to your landscape. By attracting pollinators, you are both saving the earth and making yourself a relaxing garden of life in your own backyard.

This year, more homeowners are placing emphasis on attracting bugs, butterflies, and bees to their yard. By researching what flowers, bushes, and greens attract wildlife, you can grow accordingly.

Bees are becoming less and less around the world. Do you part to save what little of these insects still exist and create a wonderland while you're at it.

You can also plant fresh fruit trees and veggies to feed your home and the wildlife around you.

Your home is your castle and your landscape is where your summer will happen. You should make it special by creating the ultimate living space outdoors.

Custom landscaping is simple and can enhance your home from the inside out. Grow your favorite greens, bring bees back to your garden and build a BBQ hangout that brings your family together.

Ready to bring custom landscaping to your home? Natale is ready to help. From building projects to showing you the power of being green, Natale knows.