5 Unique and Inviting Stone Patio Ideas


Summer—that means plenty of guests, barbecues, and evening dinners outside on the patio. Perhaps it’s time to revamp with a couple stone patio ideas. Traditional patios are nice, but sometimes you just want to see something different. Let’s go over seven stone patio ideas that you can take into consideration when redecorating your patio for the summer!

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

A lot of patios tend to be large and very open—which can be a good thing when you want to accommodate a lot of guests. But a retaining wall makes the space a bit cozier and helps to better define the extent of your patio. It creates more structure and another benefit of it is that it provides natural additional seating.


A retaining wall is a great way to make a patio space cozier as it provides a natural enclosure for your guests. Aside from a retaining wall, you might want to consider creating additional spaces in your patio that are smaller and more secluded. There are some guests who might want to get away from the larger crowd during the party and just have a simple and quiet conversation. Creating a separate space to provide a cozy environment to talk is another great way to redesign your patio.

Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving

Usually, patios tend to be made up of clean cut slabs of stone which are square or rectangular and assemble them neatly or in a sort of design. Instead of using cut stones, you might use irregular concrete paving stones which capture the more natural shape of a stone and gives a more organic feel to the patio.

Make it Natural

Chair and table natural looking

If you want to take on a variation of the crazy paving style, you could go for a more natural look with your patio. What this means is, use irregular slabs but lay them out with spaces in between the slabs that would promote natural growth between the slabs—you’ll have a more natural vibe to your patio as grass grows through the tiles.

Pebble Stones

pebble stone walkway

Large slabs of stone are the usual pick when creating a patio. Why not change it up a bit by adding some smaller stones? You might vary between cut stones and irregular stones as the base, but try adding in smaller pebble stones to offset the look of your patio. Using pebble stones alongside irregular flagstones is one of the most unique stone patio ideas because it can give your patio a more customized feel and makes for a great design.


On that note, you might consider using pebble stones to create designs. You can get really creative with it as you use different types of pebble stones which have different colors and textures.

Moroccan Stones

moroccan stone path example

This is probably one of the more unique ideas to take on. Moroccan stones are great for a stone patio if you don’t want to go for a natural feel but still want something unique about your patio. Moroccan stones are clean cut but they’re different in that they can help to make your patio like a mosaic which can really set it apart from other kinds of patios.

Stone Patio Ideas

There you have it: five ideas to get started on for your new patio. And while you might want to do it yourself, we specialize in new home construction, custom built homes, and luxury home design. If you’re looking to add some customization to your patio, give us a call at 716-580-3318 or visit our site!


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